XQRR-mastery has during the week read, evaluated and discussed all 33 applications. We were surprised about the huge amount of interested applicants, unfortunately we can only give 17 people the chance to join us for XQRR 2018. Congratulations to all elected participants!

XQRR 2018 consists of:

Madeleine Östersund – Vlogger

Jannica Savander – Member

Siiri Korhonen – Member

Fiona Småros – Photographer

Anton Eklund – Webbmaster

Minéa Wuori – Vice-exkursionmaster

Samuel Rosas – Graphic artist

Amanda Grannas – Social Media-master

Anna Lagerström – Craftingchief

Toni Huuhka – Member

Cosmo Jenytin – Sponsorchief

Helena Hansson – Vice-exkursionmaster

Linda Sederholm – Member

Oscar Stigzelius – Member

Andreas Holm – Exkursionmaster

Emma Ilmoniemi – Member

Alexandra Andersson – Blogchief

Axel Sandås – Business-scout

Nina Gunell – Vlogger

Markus Arola – Talkochief

Thank you for your interest, hopefully those who did not get the chance to join XQRR 2018 will get a chance to join one of the later excursions!

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