Nine nights, three countries, three cities.

XQRR 2018 takes place during nine days between September 28th and October 7th 2018.

The excursion kicks off with three nights in Budapest, Hungary, with thermal baths, world heritage sites, and interesting local businesses. The trip will continue within the Double Monarchy: the second stop of the trip is Salzburg, Austria, in the picturesque Salzkammergut where the three following nights will be spent. During the last three nights of the trip we will be daring a visit to Bavaria to finsih the trip in Munich, at the times of Oktoberfest. During the stay in each city, we will familiarize ourselves with the city, the local business and commerce, and interesting sights in the vicinity.

In addition to the cultural experience, the search of business collaboration is in full force. The goal is to visit three companies or institutions with connections to the field of technology or Finland during our visit. If Your company is interested in collaboration with the excursion, you are more than welcome to contact the organizers.