XQRR 2018 is actively looking for collaborators who are willing to host the group and present their business operations.

A group consisting of 20 students within the field of technology is undertaking a nine-day tour of Central Europe to familiarize ourselves with the local industry and commerce and possible job opportunities after graduation. Our group consists of undergraduate students within several fields of technology, and we are very interested in the technological implementation of international businesses – both theoretical and practical. We are also happy to hear more about the business model and potential future job opportunities at international companies in the visited cities.

If Your company is interested in accommodating our delegation, we hope you reach out to the organizers at xqrr [at] tf.fi: we are happy to answer any questions and discuss the practical arrangements regarding a potential visit. Further information about the organizing student’s nation Teknologföreningen can be found at www.tf.fi/?lang=en.