XQRR is the implementation of domestic and international excursion at Teknologförenignen. The excursions aim at familiarizing the members of the student’s nation Teknologföreningen with the business and commerce outside on a local and global scale. Previous international excursions have visited China and South America. The excursions have been realized using voluntary work of the members of the student’s nation, and offers the participants the opportunity to plan and execute a trip consisting of business visits to multinational companies and actors.

The participants of the excursion are Swedish-speaking (bilingual) Finns who are actively involved in the Swedish-speaking student’s nation Teknologföreningen at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland (previously Helsinki University of Technology). The 20 participants are interdisciplinary undergraduate students from the field of technology, representing most majors at the University.

XQRR 2018 will be visiting Central Europe to familiarize its participants with the local culture, business and commerce, as well as potential job opportunities for students within the field of technology, art, and business. The practical arrangements of the trip is being made, and the excursion will take place during nine days between September 28th and October 7th 2018.

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XQRR Vlog and publication are ready!

The long awaited XQRR Vlog and XQRR publication are finally ready and published! Take a look at them on the frontpage. Big thanks to everyone who has been involved in creating these masterpieces!